Case ID#: SCS-0000006985
Status: Active

Person ID Name Age Gender Race
SCS-0002149212 Maxwell 14 M White
SCS-0002149213 Victor 13 M White

About these children:

Maxwell is the oldest of his sibling group. Maxwell enjoys participating in hockey and football related activities. He is often found in his free time playing with Legos, watching tv or playing on his tablet. Maxwell loves to eat nachos, chicken, and enjoys candy. He enjoys asking questions to other people and telling jokes to make others laugh. Victor is the youngest of his sibling group. The best way Victor can be described is by saying he is energetic. Victor is always going room to room and bouncing in place. He enjoys participating in basketball and soccer related activities and loves to talk about these sports. His favorite sports are football, basketball, and baseball. Victor enjoys eating a variety of foods such as fruit with caramel dip, pizza, ramen with hot sauce and hamburgers. Maxwell and Victor desire a family with two parents but are open to a one parent household. They hope that they could have older sibling/s to look up to as a role model. Maxwell and Victor would be excited to have a dog or pets. Maxwell and Victor are legally free for adoption.