Case ID#: SCS-0000040809
Status: Active

Person ID Name Age Gender Race
SCS-0001728809 Aaliyah 15 F White
SCS-0001728810 Isaac 14 M White

About these children:

Isaac's favorite movie is Get Rich or Die Trying, his favorite outside activity is playing catch or football, his favorite inside activity is playing GTA or Fortnite with his friends or having alone time on his phone. Isaac's favorite subject in school is recess or math, and the three words that best describe him are a goofball, smart, and athletic. Aaliyah's favorite movie is The Notebook, her favorite thing to do outside is play volleyball or soccer, her favorite thing to do inside is doing arts and crafts or just talking on the phone with friends. Her favorite subject at school is lunch, and the three words that best describe her are funny, artsy, and trustworthy. Both children are looking for family that either already has pets or would be open to allowing pets, a family that is active but also likes movie nights at home and cooking good food, and a family that is Christian and goes to church most Sundays.