Case ID#: SCS-0000086289-2
Status: Active

Person ID Name Age Gender Race
SCS-0001513020 Deondre 15 M Black or African American
SCS-0001513021 Donjhae 16 M Black or African American

About these children:

Donijhae and Deondre are two close-knit siblings originating from a sibling group of five. Donjhae and Deondre are the youngest of their sibling group and Donijhae is the eldest of the two. Donijhae likes to be called DJ and he can be described as an introvert who loves to read, play games on his tablet, and interact with his sisters and brothers. DJ admits that the sibling bond and connection are the best relationships he holds in his life. DJ has made the honor roll in the past and with constant structure and direction, he can excel in the classroom. Deondre is very vocal and enjoys playing outside with his brother, playing video games, and following his favorite Youtube channels. Deondre takes pride in his appearance and cares about how he presents himself. Deondre is very intellectual but also needs discipline, direction, and appropriate communication skills to complete tasks and assignments. Deondre enjoys spending time with his family and desires to be adopted! Please consider this sibling group in your family. They wish to remain within the state to be able to maintain their connections with their other siblings.