Case ID#: SCS-0000091985-1
Status: Active

Person ID Name Age Gender Race
SCS-0001351156 Jenasys 17 F Black or African American

About Jenasys:

Jenasys teenager with dark hair, dark complexion and big dark brown eyes. Jenasys is a sweet and loving teenager who has a smile that lights up a room. Mild-mannered and affectionate, Jenasys displays her personality with people and things that are most recognizable to her. She enjoys watching cartoons, which is evident by her occasional smiles and facial expressions. Jenasys loves music and when alone she sings to herself. Jenasys loves giving “high fives” and hugs. Jenasys is typically a happy child. Jenasys benefits from having a stable environment and following a daily routine. She will thrive in a loving home with a nurturing family. Jenasys is legally free and ready to be adopted.