Case ID#: SCS-0001020742-2
Status: Active

Person ID Name Age Gender Race
SCS-0001883132 Jeremiah 10 M Black or African American
SCS-0001883133 Isaiah 10 M Black or African American
SCS-0001883134 Elijah 10 M Black or African American

About these children:

Meet Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Elijah they are identical triplets with full of life. Although they may be triplets, they each have their own personalities that makes them unique. They are currently in the 4th grade and according to the teachers they bring so much energy and life to the classroom. Jeremiah is the oldest and he is the leader of the three brothers. He enjoys playing with Legos and travelling. He likes to talk about the trips he takes. The went to Orlando last summer and he talked about going on the fast trains and rollercoasters at the theme parks. Jeremiah stated that he loved the rides and enjoyed the animals. Especially the giraffe. In his spare time, he likes playing with his brothers and going outside to ride bikes and climbing in trees. His favorite food is spaghetti. Jeremiah is very talkative and likes telling people about his day. Isaiah is the more sensitive of the three brothers. He enjoys the company of his comfort pet which he takes with him when he is uncomfortable. Isaiah enjoys Legos like his brother, but also sitting under adults for quiet time and hugs. Isaiah is more subdued and likes to concentrate on things he is working on. Isaiah’s favorite food is cheeseburgers. Elijah is more energetic than his bothers and like to wrestle and rough house. He likes to tell stories about the adventures he and his brothers get into and is really detailed when recalling things. He likes the attention of everyone in the room and is good at calling out his brothers for not following the rules. Like his brothers he enjoys Legos as well. He enjoys playing with his brothers, making new friends, and having time outside to play. His favorite food is cheeseburgers. All three of the brothers have a strong connection with each other and tend to dress alike. They are each other’s best friend and would like to stay together in any future home setting. They would benefit from a strong two parent home with either no children or older children; or a strong single parent home that is used to having children that are full of energy and life. The boys are legally free for adoption