Case ID#: SCS-0001260299-2
Status: Active

Person ID Name Age Gender Race
SCS-0001892936 Adair 15 M White
SCS-0001892937 Alexiz 14 M White

About these children:

Adair is an intelligent, thoughtful, and driven young man. He enjoys reading anime, teaching himself to draw and robotics. Adair won the award for “Historian in the Making” from school in June 2022. He enjoys science and history. Adair can be shy at first, but once you get him talking about a subject he loves, he is an excellent conversationalist. Adair worked his first job over the summer and really enjoyed it. Adair is an old soul. He also likes to play video games and be on his computer. He is excited to move into a home with his forever family! Alexiz is a bright boy who enjoys playing soccer, video games and watching YoutTube videos. Alexiz is fiercely loyal to his friends and sees them as his family. He enjoys doing fun things on the weekends and is usually up for an adventure. Alexiz benefits from a stable and supportive environment. He is a very enthusiastic talker and will surprise you will his mature conversation skills. He enjoys school, especially lunch time! His favorite food is junk food. Alexiz benefits from a stable and supportive environment. He would benefit from an active, compassionate, and patient listener. Alexiz has a lot of love to give.